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What's Lekcher?
ˈlek(t)cHər = Lec·ture :)
Lekcher is a mobile app that connects teachers' and student's devices. It unleashes the power of mobile devices for creating fully interactive classrooms, especially in places where connectivity is an issue.
No Wifi or Data Plan needed
Lekcher creates its network of devices, also called a Peer-to-Peer Mesh, via Bluetooth and direct Wifi. Data flows from the presenter device to attendees and back, everything managed by the App.
No power source needed
Lekcher does not rely on any network infrastructure to operate, just mobile devices. That way, lectures can be conducted anywhere, especially in remote areas where power outages are frequent.
Persistent presentations
Watched presentations are automatically persisted on attendees' devices, allowing all presented content to be viewed later or even shared with others.
Instant classrooms
Make interactive presentations with slides, draw in real time (like a whiteboard) and test your attendees with questions and answers via interactive quizzes.
Question and answers
Create quizzes for real-time assessments of students' knowledge acquisition. All attendee's responses will be saved in the Cloud when an Internet connection becomes available.
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